Technegas Generator


The Technegas Generator is used the field of lung scintigraphy. It can detect possible pulmonary embolisms at an early stage.

Pulmonary embolisms can cause the affected lung to lose part of its function due to blood clots. In order to detect this as quickly as possible, the Technegas Generator produces a special, completely harmless gas that patients breathe in under our guidance. With this gas, we can visually capture how air is distributed in the lungs. 

The pictures allow our team to differentiate a pulmonary embolism from other lung diseases with certainty. With the information gained from the procedure, the attending physician can immediately initiate proper treatment and bring about a rapid recovery. The Technegas Generator gives us three-dimensional, high-resolution images, which result in a much more detailed examination. 


Specifically developed for lung scintigraphy
Three-dimensional, high-resolution images
Highly detailed procedure
Fast imaging

Please note

You do not need to fast for this examination
You can take your medication as usual before the exam

Scope of Application for the Technegas Generator