Digital Diagnostic Radiology


Digital diagnostic radiology is an imaging procedure that gives us a very accurate view of your bone structure. For you as a patient, digital diagnostic radiology is fast, low-radiation and diagnostically reliable.

In addition, digital radiological images require a very low radiation dose to produce images. During the test, you are therefore exposed to a much lower level of radiation.

This test involves X-ray waves that penetrate specific parts of the body in order to display them on an image. A digital detector system registers the incoming radiation and converts the signals into an image on the computer.

In order to further enhance certain structures, we may use contrast agents to produce an enhanced visual representation.

The images are available immediately after the exam. Our trained team of physicians can display X-ray zones of interest on a larger scale and in greater contrast on the computer.

Digital image archiving possibilities also makes it easier to reproduce and transmit the images. The risk of mix-ups or lost images is thereby minimised. Following the test, you will receive your images on a CD, on film or paper, depending on the wishes of your attending physician, to ensure speedy further treatment.


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Low radiation dose
Shorter scanning durations
High image quality and detailed resolution
Ability to produce images on CD for patients
Ability to enhance digital images

Please note

Drink plenty of water after an exam that includes contrast agents
Please let our staff know of any intolerances or possible pregnancy
Please fast for examinations of your gall bladder, digestive tract and stomach
Remove any metal objects before the test (jewellery, piercings, etc.)

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