Digital Mammography


Mammography is a radiological examination of the breast that lets us visually depict even the slightest changes in tissue.

For this exam, you breast is positioned between two plastic plates. In order to produce as clear an image as possible, you breast is carefully compressed between the two plates during imaging.

To make an exact diagnosis, we take two images per breast from different angles. This procedure takes just a few minutes.

After the exam, the pictures are available immediately as digital images  and can be quickly and accurately evaluated. You will receive your results just a short time after the test, so you can promptly arrange further treatment with your attending physician without long waiting periods and uncertainties.

If a change is detected in your breast during the mammogram, we can offer you an ultrasound examination (sonography) of the breast, as well as a vacuum punch biopsy, if needed, in consultation with your attending physician.

With the digital mammography machine Selenia 3Dimensions Hologic, we have the fastest breast tomosynthesis system with the highest resolution currently available. This means that we can now offer our patients tomosynthesis. Tomosynthesis is 3D mammography.


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Early detection of the slightest changes in the breast
Very short examination duration
Fast, clear results
Barrier-free access
Mammography and biopsy with just one machine
Complete, definitive diagnosis

Please note

Do not use deodorant or powder on the day of your exam
Please let our staff know of any pre-existing conditions
Inform our team of any known breast cancer diagnoses in your family

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