Meet the Radios team


We have very deliberately bundled the expertise and experience of 14 physicians, twenty medical specialists and twelve office administrators at this one location and one practise. Not only does this let us keep the lines of communication short, we can also provide our patients with fast, knowledgeable and safe care – just the way they like it!

We place special emphasis on treating you with competence and courtesy and ensuring that your exam is reliable and fast. For this reason, we communicate the results of our examinations to your attending physician in outstanding quality as quickly as possible.

We are happy to discuss your results with you personally whenever possible. But it is even more important to us that our physicians provide the best possible review, evaluation and assessment of your exam results. Because our first priority is for you to remain well or recuperate as quickly as possible – and for your attending physician to have your results as soon as possible.

Your benefits at Radios

Competent, friendly and experienced team
Nine physicians and twenty medical assistants
Highly specialised know-how in all speciality fields of radiology and nuclear medicine
Excellent quality exam results
Fast appointment scheduling
Extensive support during examinations
Routine, quick and precise exam procedures
Images are ready to take with you immediately