The ACUSON X700 is a state-of-the-art ultrasound machine. With advanced image technology and outstanding image resolution, it can display the most detailed structures.

The machine is used for ultrasound examinations of the breast, heart, muscles, the skeletal system and thyroid, among other things.

Thanks to its high contrast and outstanding depth of field, different tissue types can be reliably and clearly identified and distinguished.

The ACUSON X700 can independently identify and evaluate features and patterns on an ultrasound image. The anatomical borders of organs, tissue, vessels and other structures can be clearly depicted and precisely measured.

An expanded, global image field and panorama images of up to 60 cm in length provides easy orientation and clear imaging of larger structures. In order to unambiguously identify every detail, the ACUSON X700 is equipped with a high-resolution zoom. 

Rapid information processing ensures very short examination times.


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Smallest details are depicted through optimised imaging
High contrast and outstanding depth of field for clear diagnoses
Reliable, precise measurement with automatic identification of features and patterns
Expanded image field for easy orientation
Panorama images of up to 60 cm length for clear imaging of larger structures
High-resolution zoom for detailed views
Rapid information processing for very short examination times
Optimised imaging processes and cutting-edge technology for unambiguous diagnoses

Thyroid diagnostics

A comprehensive exam of your thyroid function for precise and fast diagnoses
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