Our cooperation at Medical Center Düsseldorf


The excellent location of our practise on the second floor of the Medical Center Düsseldorf allows you to receive fast and careful treatment following our diagnosis. 

The Medical Center Düsseldorf is the largest medical centre in Europe. In addition to radios and the Luisenkrankenhaus hospital, more than 25 medical specialist colleagues are established here.

With short lines of communication for physicians and a professional network of individual disciplines, patients are ensured a fast treatment  with superior results.

Following a diagnosis from our physicians, you can choose to be treated at one of the many practises in the Medical Center.

Among other specialities, the Center has two gynaecological practises. They can perform smaller outpatient or larger inpatient procedures and breast cancer prevention services.

The Luisenkrankenhaus specialises in the treatment of breast cancer. Their services include breast-preserving procedures, chemotherapy, breast reconstruction and much more.

Quick action is called for when neurological anomalies are detected. It only takes a few minutes to refer patients with acute symptoms to the speciality practise for neurology, where a full range of neurological illness can be treated. These include all types of headaches, Parkinsons, epilepsy and strokes.

Tissue samples taken by us during biopsies are examined and evaluated at the Centre for Pathology & Cytology Dres. Dohnal & Partner (www.pathologie-dohnal.de). This guarantees that you have fast results.

Prescribed medications can be picked up at the GrandArc Pharmacy on the first floor of the Medical Center.

Thanks to the outstanding cooperation throughout the Medical Center Düsseldorf, our patients receive the best care, from examination to diagnosis to treatment – all under one roof.


Close collaboration with specialised personnel from a range of medical disciplines
Treatment is available quickly after diagnosis
An ideal network of individual disciplines
Accelerated treatment procedures
Information loss is avoided
Superior treatment results