Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS


Our Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS is today's top computer tomography machine from market-leader Siemens. It guarantees the highest image quality with significantly sharper and more detailed pictures than its predecessors with minimized radiation. 

Razor-sharp images allow us to significantly reduce metal artifacts and characterise materials such as gout crystals in joints. Because it can better distinguish different types of tissue, we are now able to make more precise and accurate diagnoses. Furthermore, the scanning duration is significantly reduced, so you can be confident that your exam will be comfortable and quick.

The Siemens SOMATOM Definition AS represents a further improvement in the outstanding dose reduction functions of earlier product generations. The computer tomography machine works with even less radiation than other CT machines. During scanning, you will be in constant contact with our specialists via microphone. The examination is very brief and, thanks to the larger machine opening of 80 cm, it is comfortable for all patients.



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High image quality and sharper pictures for enhanced details
Lower radiation and improved image quality
Better differentiation of types of tissue and thus faster diagnoses
Shorter examination length
Larger opening provides more comfort (80 cm)
Suitable for patients with claustrophobia

Please note

Please tell us if you are allergic to any contrast agents when you make your appointment
Tell the staff if it is possible you are pregnant
Inform us of any chronic illness or other pre-existing conditions
Inform the staff of any medications you take regularly, such as Metformin or blood thinners

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