Symbia Evo Excel


As a high-resolution SPECT camera, the Siemens Symbia Evo Excel can detect and display emitted radiation. This machine is used to visibly depict the function of a range of organs, which enables the early detection of an incidence of disease.

The special structure of the camera allows it to capture images of body parts from different sides. The camera can also produce images for special examinations of the entire body. The Symbia Evo Excel can also produce three-dimensional images. It uses rotating camera heads in a circular motion around the body. This imaging technology enables us to produce high-resolution, cross-section images.

The Symbia Evo Excel SPECT camera offers outstanding image quality to produce precise and reproducible results. The camera can generate images with up to 24% higher resolution compared to other machines. We can use these images to diagnose changes and anomalies in internal organs in a very fast and very precise manner.

Because the Siemens SPECT camera Symbia Evo Excel does not emit any radiation, individuals accompanying the patient can remain in the room during the exam, if necessary. The Symbia Evo Excel has a larger tunnel opening and high load capacity and thus offers patients more comfort during examinations. Examinations with the Symbia Evo Excel are therefore possible for patients with claustrophobia and/or limited mobility. 


Can be used for whole-body scanning
Whole-body scanning for better visualisation of the anatomy
Open system, suitable for patients with claustrophobia
Three-dimensional images for high-resolution cross-section images
Camera produces no radiation
Individuals accompanying the patient can remain in the room during the exam, if necessary

Scope of Application of the Siemens Symbia Evo Excel Camera