Kidney Function Scintigraphy


Kidney Function Scintigraphy is a procedure that allows us to evaluate your kidney function. The examination provides information about the overall function of your kidneys. In addition, the procedure lets us evaluate the function and capacity of each kidney individually.

Through this examination, we can quickly gain information about possible dysfunction and blockages within your kidneys and ureter.

In order to obtain accurate and quick results, at the beginning of the test you are administered a slightly radioactive substance that is absorbed by your kidneys and later excreted in the urine.

Our special gamma camera detects this substance, thereby allowing our specialists to accurately assess and precisely measure your kidney function.

During this exam, you will be exposed to very low radiation only. For this reason, renal scintigraphy can be used safely with children. The entire exam takes approx. one hour.


You do not need to fast for the examination
You can take your medication as usual before the exam
No contrast agents are required
The administered substance causes no allergic reaction
Very low radiation exposure
The procedure is suitable for children

Please note

You will need to drink a half-litre of liquid right before the exam

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