Diagnostic Ultrasound


We use diagnostic ultrasound (sonography) to produce an image of your internal organs. 

This procedure uses ultrasonic waves, which are extremely gentle with no radiation, to scan your body. Any side effects and risks can therefore be excluded. The test is therefore suitable for patients with contrast agent allergies and who are pregnant.

With diagnostic ultrasound, we can examine your thyroid, breast and all abdominal organs to identify any pathological changes quickly and at an early stage.

Before the exam, we will place a gel on your skin to ensure a high-quality image. The area to be examined is then scanned in multiple directions with the sonic head by one of our experienced physicians. The relevant area is pictured from various angles. 

The physician will show you and explain the findings right on the screen. Individual, especially significant images can be printed out directly on the ultrasound machine and transmitted to your physician for further treatment. The exam generally takes between five and ten minutes.


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Low risk
No strain or radiation exposure for patients or physicians
Painless examination
Very good display of soft tissue
Reliable and fast results