Vacuum Punch Biopsy


Vacuum punch biopsy is used to investigate any variations in the breast. A tissue sample of the variation is taken for examination. Most women do not consider the diagnostic procedure painful. It requires only a very small incision to the skin.

You will receive a local anaesthetic before the biopsy. You will therefore not feel the removal of the tissue sample and can resume your activities as soon as possible afterwards.

To make the test comfortable for you and achieve optimal results, the biopsy is performed while lying face down on a bed.

The vacuum punch biopsy uses image monitoring: Before and during the biopsy our physicians will take pictures of the affected breast. The image monitoring gives us the ability to remove the smallest variations very precisely. We use a three millimetre thin hollow needle to make the procedure as painless and gentle for you as possible.

After the biopsy, the relevant breast area is marked with a small, approx. 2 mm clip that you will not notice. This will serve as an orientation aid in the event subsequent therapy is needed. As a rule, the test takes 45 minutes maximum.

We usually have the results of the biopsy within just a few days. You can thereby be assured of individual and quick therapy planning and further treatment.


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One single, small puncture is sufficient to remove tissue
Gentle, fast and painless
No visible scars
Only local anaesthesia needed; no general sedation
Targeted removal

Please note

Wear a close-fitting bra
Avoid working out and physical exertion for two days after the exam
Let us know in advance of any allergies and intolerances
Inform us of any circulatory disorders or other pre-existing conditions
Do not operate a vehicle after the examination

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