Computerised Tomography (CT)


Computerised tomography is a radiological test that produces many individual pictures of a certain region of the body. Once completed, these pictures are then digitally compiled into one very detailed and clear image.


A CT scan allows our specialists to diagnose many conditions quickly and reliably. Broken bones, bleeding, tumoral growth and infections can be clearly identified to facilitate prompt and appropriate further treatment.


To make our diagnosis even more exact, we will administer a contrast agent before the CT if necessary. During the test, you will lie on a comfortable bed that is slowly moved into our tunnel-shaped X-ray tube. Its special form with a two-sided opening makes this machine suitable for patients with claustrophobia.


The X-ray tube circles your body noiselessly as it takes detailed images. The scan takes just a few seconds, the entire examination just a few minutes.


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CT, X-Ray

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Mammography, Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Fast and reliable diagnosis
Suitable for patients with claustrophobia
Short examination duration
Greatest possible comfort
Large tube with openings on both sides
Special machine with minimised radiation exposure (up to 70%)

Please note

Please let us if you are allergic to contrast agents
Tell the staff if it is possible you are pregnant
Let us know if you have any chronic illnesses or other pre-existing conditions such as thyroid diseases
Inform our staff of any medications you take regularly, such as Metformin

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