Thyroid Diagnostics


Thyroid diagnostics is comprised of three different examination steps. These three steps let us quickly and accurately diagnose structural changes and dysfunction in your thyroid. 

To start with, we perform an ultrasound examination. This tells us about the structure and size of your thyroid. If we detect any change at this stage, we can measure it immediately using the ultrasound device. 

A subsequent blood test lets us determine the concentration of thyroid hormone in your system, among other things. We can thereby identify hyper- or hypothyroidism easily and accurately.

If our specialists notice changes or irregularities, we can then perform thyroid scintigraphy. This will tell us very quickly whether these changes need to be treated. 

This test requires administration of a slightly radioactive substance. Depending on the activity in your thyroid tissue, the substance will become more concentrated in areas and can be accurately detected by our special gamma camera. Harmful changes and overactive tissue can thereby be identified quickly and precisely.

Depending on the scope, all of the examinations take 40 minutes maximum and have no side effects.


You do not need to fast for the examination
The examination takes 40 minutes maximum
No side effects whatsoever
Comprehensive, accurate diagnosis

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